Who Am I?

Well I am Jack Stringer a man who lives in the Mendip Hills in Somerset UK and when I am not working in my day job I love to spend time around motorcycles and motorsports in general. As I am an a appalling racer I was often watching events rather than taking part. So at an early age I was allowed to use the Practica MTL-5B 35mm camera to take photographs. This is where I started to get an enjoyment out of photography, this way I can be watching a motorcycle event wile at the same time having something to do to keep me occupied.

My family are all bikers and I spent my childhood going on holidays to the Isle of Man for the Manx Grand Prix where my Uncle used to race on a Yamaha TZ250 and in later years an Yamaha R6. When we were not in the Isle of Man I would often be at Enduro and Trials events across the South West of England with the family. Over the years I have learnt about motorcycles and racing, knowing where the good spots to photograph or watch from.

Near the end of my secondary school years I was asked what I wanted to do in life, what kind of job do I want to do. Well there was only one answer ''Motorsports Photographer''. So I went to college and did a National Diploma in Lens and Print Based media. There I learnt about all aspects of the media from Radio, Print, to TV and Film. Though the course was not heavy on the photography side of things it did help me with learning about the internet and website design, these skills have been proven to be helpful because the internet is where it is all at, so to speak.

After College I was offered the chance to take my education on further so I decided to go to University. The course I ended up on was a HND in Photography and Digital Imaging via Plymouth Uni but I was to study at Truro College in Cornwall. This was great 2 years of my life as I was away from home in a different place. In that time I had 2 motorcycles stolen which is the sad part of the whole thing. Wile I was there I used all the chances I could to get to motorcycling events, photographing the End to End Long Distance Trial a few times. I finished Uni and got myself a job, because I had no kit yet so wanted to save some money up. When ever I got the chance I was out at events photographing. My family was assisting the Phoenix MCC with running a few of there long distance trials and I made an effort to photograph everyone who rode, this gave me the idea of taking the first step towards becoming a professional motorsports photographer. I started to work for a local newspaper of the weekends photographing the odd social event or cricket match, then in 2005 I had a motorcycle accident. The accident changed my life in a few ways. It meant I had a car licence and it also meant I had time to think about where I was going in my life.

So I decided I should take my photography seriously so I started to go to motorcycle Enduros, Trials, Hare and Hounds, and Time Trials every weekend and take photographs. Now I take photographs as an official photographer for the Midwest MCC club, and I cover some other events across the South West on England.


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