Photography Kit

I am a Canon fan so no chance of seeing a Nikon listed in my kit list. May I also point out I don't own a Apple Mac either ;-)


  • 7D - Latest Camera body I have bought. It even does HD video. Has the extra battery grip as it helps with holding the camera in portrait photography
  • 40D - Good camera, its now my spare body which has one of my lenses on it. I have the extra battery grip on this body.
  • 20D - Sort of retired, its now the camera I let my Dad out with.
  • 300D - This is my first DSLR and was used by my parents. Its always got a memory card in it as well as battery.
  • 300V - My old film camera. I have kept it just in case there is a issue with DSLR in the future (be prepared).


  • 70-200mm f2.8 IS L-Series - Its heaviest of all my lenses. Not sure I need IS yet but its nice to have
  • 70-200mm f4.0 L-Series - Bleedin good lens. It''s rather light and is light shower proof. Its likely to become a spare lens.
  • 28-80mm f2.8 IS EF-S - Its compact lens I use for most of my wide angle shooting and works well in low light.
  • 2x Converter - Now I have the 70-200mm f2.8 I may give this a better work out. It works with the f4.0 but without the autofocus.


  • Laptop - Currently a Acer Laptop with W10 on it.
  • Lexar Memory Cards - 4gb plus 2x8gb are with me when ever I am photographing. When I buy cards I buy big and as fast as I can afford.
  • Lexar Card Reader - I wanted a CF card reader that was fast and worked well with my Lexar Cards. I have had poor results in the past from cheap card readers.
  • Flash Canon 580EX mkII - This is a top end Canon flash and I bought it for use in a wedding. I use it occasionally in the off-road photography. But I am not a fan of flash at motorsport events so I try not to use it much.
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