Hello I am Jack Stringer a photographer and motorcycle enthusiast.

I have managed to merge both my passions photography and motorcycling. I now photograph motorcycle events, mainly off-road motorcycling. I am the Official photographer for Midwest MCC events and I try to get to as many other events as I can including Long Distance Trials, Enduro, Hare & Hounds, Trials, Time Trials, Classic Scrambles, and the occasion Road Racing meeting.

To see my photographs please visit my online gallery at http://gallery.jackstringer.co.uk


Off to Baskerville Hall in Wales

Category: Matchless G3 61

Well last year I rode to Baskerville Hall in Wales for Ixion''s SoS on the Matchless but the head gasket failed while on the way up to Clyro. But I managed to continue riding and even went for a 75 mile trip on the Saturday but in the evening while others were having a go at starting the bike it lost all compression and wouldn't start. So I had the shame of recovery from the RAC on the Sunday morning. So I plan to ride there and have a ride out and ride home this year. Only issue is that its wet, very wet. If you want to follow my journey to Wales you can follow it via Google Latitude. Well I made it there and back again, with no issues other than a small amount of falling damp on the way home.

MOT Time

Category: Matchless G3 61

Well its that time again, MOT time. This year the Matchless seems to be sulking and wont start. Seems either the battery is flat or the engine has wet sumped. Either way I just have to wait for a better day to get out there and try again. I have the battery on charge and will leave it out of the bike to see if its just loosing charge though lack of use or weather the Matchless has short which causes the battery to go flat. The wet sumping issue is another problem, I might just have to give it a damn good kicking to clear it out.

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