RLC Off-Road Training Day

Shez talked me into having a go at some off-road training as I am still a little rusty after my road accident. So I joined him on one of the Royal Logistics Core''s (RLC) training days held at Abingdon Air Base.
One cold very frosty morning I got up and scraped the snow and ice from my van and loaded the TTR250 onto the trailer. My Dad had decided to come along with me for the day. I expect just so he could laugh at me falling off all the time.
I set off for the first area and only got a short way around the course before my chain broke and I had to push the bike back to the van and borrow kit from people to get the chain back on. After that I set off to catch the second area which was a very hilly motocross track, I gradually built up my confidence but I was still very slow. Then onto the next and this track was much flatter but was quite stony I had the most fun on this one, I even kept some riders behind me for almost a lap. The last area was a enduro course and I met up with Darren Wheeler who I know from photographing Midwest events, I did not get to far before heading back to my van because by then I was getting tired and I also didn''t enjoy the enduro course.
I gave my Dad my camera and he managed to get these shots of one of the RLC's riders showing the rest of us how to fall off correctly.

I was unaware of how unfit I was for this kind of stuff so I called it a day at the lunch break and headed home. As I was already getting cramp I let my Dad drive home, it was fun to see him trying to change gear in my automatic when we got to roundabouts.
It was a great days riding if not a little frozen.


New bike

Category: Matchless G3 61

Well I have bought a 1961 Matchless G3 350cc single. Its a Ex Dutch Army bike that has been imported into the UK in the 70s before they did age related numberplates so I have to go to the hassle now of sorting that out so that I wont have to pay road tax. I started it today just to make sure it runs ok. All sounds ok. As there was not much else to do I decided to give it a clean just using a rag and a can of WD40. Later on I added some ACF50 to give it some protection. This bike is not for restoration its got character the way it is now. Though I will keep an eye out for some replacement Olive Drab Green paint. I also want to research the history of the bike.

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