Start of Season (SoS) 2008

Day One - The Ride up,

Well I decided to make my own way up to SoS, so I took the M48 to Chepstow. Then went along the Wye Valley along to Monmouth then A40 to Brecon and then to Clyro. Simple but not all that interesting.
Later that evening I drank a few pints and took a few pictures.

Day Two - The Rideout,

Went for a ride with Andrew Pounce, Gordon, Mr Clegg, and Zae. We have a nice ride out even though the weather was crap. We stopped in Breacon for cake and tea laughed at Fifi and Gayle then we headed off on our ride and took some more interesting roads. Zae was riding like a pro and kept up with us all day long.
Later in the evening we drank some more and I took some more pictures.

Day Three - The Way home,

As usual Ian Nichols showed me the way back to Bristol.

And now the pictures...

Keith, Fraggle, Katrina, Christine, Mike Newton

Andy Cannon


Mike Newton, JKB

Just make motorbike noises wile looking at these pictures.

Stuart and Katrina

Charlie and his Mum

Bob Scott

Mike Newton

Mr Clegg

Andy, and Christine


Keith or marvin, you decide


Happy Nick


Got him, this is RP


Bob and Fizzy

Mlh, Susie

Mr Clegg

Grandpa Duckworth



Eric Featherstone



Ian Nichols

Ian again

Fixing a Triumph

Andy and Christine

CathyE with this summer''s latest footware fashion


1/2 Derek

A mouse, I saw a mouse

marvin, Andy, and Stuart

Mlh and Susie

IanE Burfday Cake


Ian Nichols

Joe Smith


Katrina and Derek


Captions anyone



New bike

Category: Matchless G3 61

Well I have bought a 1961 Matchless G3 350cc single. Its a Ex Dutch Army bike that has been imported into the UK in the 70s before they did age related numberplates so I have to go to the hassle now of sorting that out so that I wont have to pay road tax. I started it today just to make sure it runs ok. All sounds ok. As there was not much else to do I decided to give it a clean just using a rag and a can of WD40. Later on I added some ACF50 to give it some protection. This bike is not for restoration its got character the way it is now. Though I will keep an eye out for some replacement Olive Drab Green paint. I also want to research the history of the bike.

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