Continixion 2006

Day One,

The Journey Begins

I got up at the crack of dawn to leave for the boat which is to sail at 9am from Portsmouth to Caen. I was the first to get there and later followed by Iain Lowe who cleverly had managed to forget to fill up his bike even though had told the rest of us to fill up before the boat so we would not have to go in search for fuel as soon as we are into France. Soon Derek, Rod Lowe and Richard Browning (Now known as Sweary Dick) turned up.
We got in the boat and we left the bikes to make are way towards the bar on the boat as Iain and Rod had not had their breakfast yet and were eager to start the holiday.
We were in fog most of the may on our journey on the boat and once we were about an hour or so from landing a message came over the tannoy telling us the French fishermen had blocked the ports due to the cost of fuel. Me and Derek were outside wandering the boat so we did not hear the message but we knew something was up as the boat had stopped. Iain was very funny as he was starting to go mad as he had built himself up to getting to Arromanches for his Agricultural Rum he went very red...I see how he got the nickname Satan.
We finally landed in France 12 hours after we got on the boat and Iain went off to get fuel but mistook another group of bikers as our group so left the rest of us to find our own way to Arromanches.
We got to Arrmanches just in time to miss dinner so Adrian nicely made up some toasted Pizzas for us.

Day Two,

Mont St. Michel

Got up and had some breakfast, after that we though of places we wanted to go. Derek said he had always wanted to go down to Mont St. Michel so me, Fifi, Gordon and Derek went off for the day. We were lucky as it was nice weather but not many tourists were around so we had a nice walk up to the top...I had to stop several times as I am clearly unfit. We had a nice walk around the Abbey, the site reminds me of Ministerith (sp?) from the Lord of the Rings.
It was about 80miles ride down and on the way back we managed around 100miles at times we came across wet road and we could see a thunderstorm in the distance but with Fifi/Gordon/GPS we managed to keep out of the rain. One note for bikers in France they uses the old gloss style pain for road markings so they are very very very slippery.

Day Three,

Market and BBQ

In the morning we went to the market to stock up on food to eat at the evenings BBQ. After we got back me Gordo and Derek went to the Cinema 360 which is a very nice piece of art, using old footage from the war and newly shot footage from today to show the locations in which the war was fought. All shown on a 360 degrees display. It brings home the fact that where we were staying is a large part of D-Day landings. The BBQ was lovely and I had a huge piece of steak. Iain had boasted about buying a Pigs head to have on the BBQ evening but he *forgot* to buy one at the market. Luckily the rest of had not so there was half a pigs head to eat, Iain had said he wanted to have some once it was cooked but he kept finding excuses. In the end Adrian and Fifi ate most of the cheeks from the pigs head.

Day Four,

Watching Bikes

Sunday we awake and Adrian was like a kid, happy with the idea of going to this Classic bike show to go look at SOBs and to show this BSA SOB he had been asked to show. We get to Luc sur Mer to find that as Adrian does not have the correct paperwork they would not let him in so he went off to sulk/look at other SOBs.
I noticed that the organisers had set out a short course along the promenade and I had made the assumption that it was going to be one off them ''demonstration'' rides. But the people who took part were defiantly demonstrating the bikes, as fast as they could. A lot of the SOBs had little in the way of silencing and sounded lovely. Its the kind of sound you feel rather than hear.
I took loads of pictures and I have upload them to .

Day Five,

Going Home

Depressing part, Coming home. The trip home was rather uneventful other than me taking a detour off the M27 for a bit as I needed to check my map so I would not end up going too far along the motorway.


New bike

Category: Matchless G3 61

Well I have bought a 1961 Matchless G3 350cc single. Its a Ex Dutch Army bike that has been imported into the UK in the 70s before they did age related numberplates so I have to go to the hassle now of sorting that out so that I wont have to pay road tax. I started it today just to make sure it runs ok. All sounds ok. As there was not much else to do I decided to give it a clean just using a rag and a can of WD40. Later on I added some ACF50 to give it some protection. This bike is not for restoration its got character the way it is now. Though I will keep an eye out for some replacement Olive Drab Green paint. I also want to research the history of the bike.

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